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1 photos
La Joya $13,500,000 USD Single Story Lots and Land
2 photos
South of El Dorado
San Felipe San Felipe $11,500,000 USD Commercial "Residential" Lots and Land
6 photos
Avenida Lopez Mateos,Ensenada
Ensenada Zona Centro $8,000,000 USD 70,000 sq. ft."12 Floors" Commercial "Hotel-High rise" Commercial
3 photos
La Salina
Ensenada $7,500,000 USD Lot / Land "Commercial" Lots and Land
3 photos
Avispe,Sonora MX
Baja California $6,000,000 USD 2,100 sq. ft."hectares" Lot / Land Lots and Land
3 photos
right of 3160 Hwy 1 ( Libre )TJ-ENS
Rosarito Beach $585,000 USD 501 sq. m. Single Story Commercial
11 photos
KM58.8 -Free Rd..
KM58.8 Carr TJ-ENS Libre La Mision $185,000 USD 4,000 sq. ft. 2 Story Commercial
5 photos
Rosarito Beach
PLAN LIBERTADOR $49,000 USD Single Story "plans for 2 stories could go 3" Residential
11 photos
Campo Renees # 35
Campo Rene SOLD  $40,000 USD 950 sq. ft. Single Story Residential
1 photos
Mar de Popotla
Playas de Rosarito $30,000 USD Lot / Land Lots and Land
1 photos
Mar de Buena Vista ( Fracc )
Rosarito Norte $12,000 USD Single Story Lots and Land
5 photos
Rancho Santini
Rosarito Rancho Santini $25,000,000 USD Lot / Land Lots and Land
10 photos
Saldamando Hillside, Tij-Eda Highway
Playa Saldamando $19,000,000 USD Lot / Land "At the entrance of the city" Residential
3 photos
Km 31 Carretera Tijuana Ensenada
Playas de Rosarito Rancho Del Mar $16,625,000 USD Lot / Land Lots and Land
1 photos
Autopista Tijuana-Ensenada Km 18.55
Playas de Tijuana San Antonio Del Mar $16,000,000 USD Lot / Land Lots and Land
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A man holds his smartphone which displays the Google home page, in this picture illustration taken in Bordeaux, Southwestern FranceBy Gayatri Suroyo and Eveline Danubrata JAKARTA (Reuters) - Senior executives from the Asia Pacific headquarters of Alphabet Inc's Google met Indonesian tax officials on Wednesday to negotiate the internet search company's tax bill, a person with knowledge of the matter told Reuters. Indonesia plans to pursue Google for five years of back taxes, and the U.S. company could face a bill of more than $400 million for 2015 alone if it is found to have avoided payments, senior tax official Muhammad Haniv told Reuters last month. Google Indonesia has said it continues to cooperate with local authorities and has paid all applicable taxes.

10/26/2016 7:01:16 AM

By Feisal Omar and Abdi Sheikh MOGADISHU (Reuters) - A group loyal to Islamic State seized a small port town in Somalia's semi-autonomous Puntland region on Wednesday, a move officials said gave it control of a town for the first time since it emerged as a force a year ago. Islamic State, a rival to the larger al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab, seized Qandala port after a brief fight with local security forces. African peacekeepers are not deployed in Puntland, at the eastern tip of the Horn of Africa.

10/26/2016 6:54:11 AM

Gunmen in the remote central-western Afghan province of Ghor rounded up dozens of civilians and executed them on Wednesday in an attack that officials blamed on Islamic State fighters retaliating for the death of one of their commanders. If confirmed as the work of Islamic State, it would mark a major departure for the radical group, which has hitherto been largely confined to the eastern province of Nangarhar since its appearance in Afghanistan at the end of 2014. The killings in any case underlined the lack of security across Afghanistan, prompted not just by the Taliban insurgency and Islamic State violence but by a wider breakdown in law and order as government control has slipped.

10/26/2016 6:52:03 AM

Nigerian militants have bombed an oil export pipeline operated by U.S.-based multinational Chevron, according to the attackers and residents, and the militants are warning companies not to carry out repairs ...

10/26/2016 6:50:05 AM

Police from Roanoke, Salem and Roanoke County, as well as Virginia State Police and the Roanoke Sheriff's Office, responded to a fatal shooting at FreightCar America in Roanoke, Va., Tuesday morning, Oct. 25, 2016. Police say a man fatally shot someone and wounded several others inside the rail car manufacturing company in Virginia before apparently killing himself. (Heather Rousseau/The Roanoke Times via AP)ROANOKE, Va. (AP) — The man who authorities say fatally shot a former co-worker and wounded three others before killing himself at a rail car factory in Virginia was described by neighbors as a good friend and hard worker who showed no signs of violence.

10/26/2016 6:41:29 AM

Subaru is recalling more than 100,000 of its top-selling models in the U.S. because a turbocharger air pump can run continuously, overheat and could cause fires. The recall covers certain 2007 to 2009 ...

10/26/2016 6:41:17 AM

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Britain would be "extremely concerned" if Spain refuels a Russian carrier battle group heading through the Mediterranean towards Syria, British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said on Wednesday. "We'd be extremely concerned that any NATO member should consider assisting a Russian carrier group that might end up bombing Syrian civilians," Fallon told reporters. "On the contrary, NATO should be standing together." (Reporting by Robin Emmott; Editing by Alastair Macdonald)

10/26/2016 6:40:01 AM

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said it was up to Spain to decide whether to refuel a Russian tanker traveling with a carrier battle group heading to Syria but that NATO had expressed its concern to allies including Madrid. "It is each up to each nation to decide, as has been NATO policy for many years, but we are concerned about the potential use of this carrier group to increase attacks against civilians in Aleppo," Stoltenberg said. "All allies are aware of our concerns." (Reporting by Robin Emmott)

10/26/2016 6:40:01 AM

A photo taken from a Norwegian surveillance aircraft shows Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov in international waters off the coast of Northern NorwaySpain is reviewing a request by a Russian flotilla to refuel in its North African enclave of Ceuta, the foreign ministry said as Madrid drew criticism from NATO allies for assisting warships they believe could be used to target civilians in Syria. NATO is monitoring the eight-strong carrier battle group from northern Russia on its way to the eastern Mediterranean, where alliance officials fear it will launch fighter bombers to hit rebels in northwestern Syria early in November. "The latest stopover requests are being reviewed at the moment based on the information we are receiving from our allies and from Russian authorities," the ministry said in a statement.

10/26/2016 6:40:01 AM

Britain has raised concerns with Spain over the possible refueling of Russian warships on their way to Syria, a spokeswoman for Prime Minister Theresa May said on Wednesday, adding that the situation was being monitored closely. Spain's foreign ministry has said it is reviewing a request by a Russian flotilla to refuel in its North African enclave of Ceuta, as NATO raised concerns that the warships headed for Syria could be used to target civilians in Aleppo.

10/26/2016 6:40:01 AM
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